Beartrap Tool Box Locks.

Designed with security and ease of installation in mind.

Many insurance companies require all toolboxes to be locked into place. Sure a chain and padlocks might get this covered but in the event of a break in this just will not suffice. Many padlocks and chains can be cut within seconds. The great advantage of the Beartrap is that your toolbox can be fixed in place with drawers facing out for day to day use. Alternatively the toolbox can be secured with the drawers wall facing so no access can be gained. For that reason a Beartrap lock is your best option.

Beartrap Security lock

The Beartrap lock.

Available in small, medium and large sizes.

£256 inc. UK postage

Our locks all come complete with Beartrap lock kit to fit toolboxes with ground clearances to suit 13cm (small), 16cm (medium) and 17cm (large).

Protect your investment.

Beartrap locks have A GOLD SOLD SECURE rating.

Many toolboxes with their contents have a replacement value of ££££s if the box was stolen not to mention the upheaval and downtime.